NC, PDP MPs failed to raise public issues in Parliament: Azad


Srinagar, May 18 (KIP)- Chairman DPAP, Ghulam Nabi Azad, addressed road shows in the Shangus constituency, Anantnag, expressing deep concern over the rising unemployment in J&K, even after the revocation of Article 370. He said, that despite the government's tall claims, our educated youth are turning to drugs, which is an alarming trend alongside the rise in unemployment. Azad pointed out that J&K has limited resources and now faces the added challenge of outsiders claiming jobs meant for locals. The impact of militancy on education has left many young people without employment opportunities. He further said, Militancy had a vast negative impact on the education system, especially for girls. When I was Chief Minister, I provided job opportunities, but after that, youth got involved in militancy and drugs, which is worrisome. We have to make a policy to end unemployment. A poor parent takes a loan for their child's education, but when the child applies for any small job, they now have to compete with outsiders. If our government comes to power, we will first bring a law to protect jobs and land.' Azad criticised the regional parties of Kashmir for dismissing the importance of jobs, education, and water in the upcoming elections. He expressed his shock at their statements, questioning their motives: "If you can't provide jobs, water, and electricity, then why are you in politics? To make your wealth?" He emphasised that addressing these fundamental issues is crucial for the well-being of the people and that the DPAP is committed to tackling unemployment, improving education, and ensuring basic necessities for all. He said, 'PDP and NC leaders claim it's not about Bijli and Pani, then what will the MP do with the funds he receives? Will he use them for himself? These parties have only exploited people with false promises and slogans while doing nothing on the ground. My MP candidate will properly utilise his funds for the people and will raise public issues in Parliament the way I did.' Azad expressed concern over the harassment of political workers by the administration, stating that such actions are alarming. "We must not harass any worker unless we have strong evidence. This is an attack on our democracy. Elections are being conducted in a democracy, whether in J&K or other parts," Azad said. He further stated that DPAP's sole agenda is development, focusing on building schools, colleges, more districts, and hospitals. "We do not exploit people. NC and PDP have raised slogans of autonomy and self-rule for years, which they have now forgotten. They are now fooling people with other false promises and slogans. I warn people not to be exploited by their slogans and promises. They will sell your votes the way they did in the past," Azad cautioned. Among others present on the occassion were Gulzar Wani Zonal President, Saleem Parray Candidate, Ch Haroon Khatana Gen Secretary, Salman Nizami Chief Spokesperson, Jin Qaisar Distt President, Shuby Jaan Secretary and others.