Vijaypur plunges into darkness due unprecedented power cuts, says S. Manjit Singh


Vijaypur,June 15 (KIP)-Apni Party Provincial President, Jammu, and Former Minister, S. Manjit Singh today has expressed anguish over deepening electricity crises in Vijaypur and its surrounding areas in an unprecedented manner in the ongoing summer season.

As the temperature is soaring day by day in the Jammu plains, the Former Minister said that it was expected from the authorities that the expected power shortage would be worked out by the JPDCL and other concerned departments before the onset of the summers.

“The heatwave has taken life out of gear in Vijaypur. In this situation, when the temperature is crossing 42 Degree Celsius, the JPDCL has imposed unscheduled power cuts, compelling the people to spend sleepless nights,” he said.

The Former Minister S. Manjit Singh gave this statement at Channi village in Vijaypur during a meeting. In this meeting, the people raised the concern of unscheduled power cuts in the area which has affected the business as well as the normal life of the people.

In response to their concerns, he appealed to the authorities to resolve the issues as soon as possible to provide relief to the people.

“The departments are shifting responsibility from one department to another. Hence, the problems remain unheard and unresolved. It appears the administration is sleeping over the burning issues of the people regarding unscheduled power cuts,” he added.

He said that the people are being charged electricity bills for 24/7 electricity, but they are not supplied the power as per the charges.

He further said that “From the existing situation, it appears that the authorities have misled the Govt that they have adequate electricity capability to be supplied to the people during summer. However, the things apparently have gone out of their hands, and now, they have started imposing the unscheduled curtailment of the electricity, putting people into trouble.”

He stated that the Govt should take action against the officials in JPDCL because they were unable to inform about the power crises and hence, the required electricity could not be purchased, and the people are put to harassment.

He warned that if the situation is not improved, the people would come on the roads, and protest against the authorities for their failure to supply electricity.