Kathua’s Call for Justice and Security: Dr Abhijeet Jasrotia

Demands Compensation, Industrialization, and Vigilance Against Terrorism


Kathua,June 16 (KIP)-In a decisive move to address the long-standing issues of the Kathua and Kandi regions, BJP Spokesperson Dr Abhijeet Jasrotia has submitted a memorandum demanding fair compensation and accelerated industrialization. At a recent press conference, Jasrotia also delivered a stern response to Congress's controversial remarks, emphasizing the urgent need for heightened security measures in the region.

Dr Abhijeet Jasrotia has strongly urged the Punjab Government to provide equitable compensation to the Kathua and Kandi areas, which have borne the brunt of the Indus Water Treaty for the past three decades. While Punjab has significantly benefited from the water distribution, these regions have faced severe challenges. Jasrotia's memorandum underscores the necessity of recognizing the sacrifices made by the people of Kathua and Kandi and compensating them to correct this historical imbalance.

Highlighting the critical need for job creation, Jasrotia called for the rapid industrialization of Kathua. Recent investments in the textile industry and the establishment of new industrial units are steps in the right direction, with the potential to employ hundreds of local youths. Jasrotia commended the UT government for its efforts but stressed the urgency of expediting this process to ensure sustainable development and economic growth for the region's future.

Jasrotia's memorandum represents a unified demand from Kathua for justice and progress. It calls on both the Punjab Government and the UT administration to take swift and decisive actions to address historical inequities and pave the way for a prosperous future through sustainable development and employment opportunities.

In a bold response to Congress's recent criticisms, Jasrotia vehemently condemned the opposition's rhetoric, which he claimed appeared to support terrorist factions and Pakistan. Paying homage to the martyrs of recent terrorist attacks, Jasrotia emphasized the importance of national unity against threats to security.

A detailed memorandum was submitted to the Deputy Commissioner of Kathua, outlining urgent security measures needed in the region:

Crackdown on Terrorist Support: A systematic approach to identify and penalize those aiding terrorist activities.

Streamlined Gun Licensing: A proposal for new gun licenses and the renewal of existing ones to empower the citizens of Kathua in which Dc sahib assured that people with old licence should apply on line ..

Creation of Block defense groups including retired army, police other belt forces personnels.

To help people of Kathua & entire Kandi belt to get their long time pending demand of compensation from Punjab Govt under indus water treaty due to which entire farmers of Kandi belt has suffered a lot as their water was given to Punjab without giving them a single penny which was promise by Congress Govt.

To check miscreants disturbing people in Dream land park Katha

Dr Jasrotia also issued a stern warning to neighboring country Pakistan asserting that the residents of Kathua are ready to defend their land with unwavering courage and determination.

The press conference was attended by key members of BJP's Kathua team, including Dist president Gopal Mahajan, Rajesh Mehta, Ravinder Slathia, Akshay Bharti, and JP Singh, who all voiced their support for the call for heightened security measures.