Female Supervisor Aspirants voicing serious concerns over the allocation of exam centers


Ramban, June 18 (KIP)- Aspirants preparing for the upcoming Female Supervisor exam, conducted by the Jammu and Kashmir Services Selection Board (JKSSB) on June 23, 2024, are voicing serious concerns over the allocation of exam centers in Ramban and Jammu. The current arrangement is causing significant hardship and inconvenience, as many candidates are required to travel long distances to Jammu in challenging summer conditions. The JKSSB should endeavor to allocate examination centers within the native districts of the candidates. The JKSSB exam for the Supervisor ICDS post in the Social Welfare Department is scheduled for June 23. However, IGNOU is also conducting its nationwide annual exam on the same date, prompting aspirants to protest and request a deferment.

This situation presents logistical challenges and raises serious questions about the fair treatment of all candidates. The principle of equality before the law, as outlined in Article 14 of the Indian Constitution, guarantees that no individual should face discrimination or disadvantage due to administrative decisions. The current allocation of exam centers appears to infringe upon this fundamental right, creating an unfair and inequitable situation for many aspirants.

In response to these pressing issues, candidates are urging the Deputy Commissioner of Ramban to intervene immediately. They propose that exam centers be consolidated to a more central and accessible location within the district. This measure would ensure that all candidates have an equal and fair opportunity to participate in the examination without facing unnecessary difficulties.

Advocate Fairoz Khan, Former National President of NSUI and Youth Congress Working President of J&K, emphasized, "The current situation is impractical and presents significant challenges for many aspirants. We call on the authorities to take swift action to address this matter and uphold the principles of fairness and equality. JKSSB's handling of the situation has been irresponsible, and those in charge need to take this issue seriously. This has become a trend, and we are surprised at how JKSSB, in its deep slumber, allocates exam centers."

The aspirants are optimistic that the Deputy Commissioner of Ramban and the LG administration will act promptly and decisively to resolve this issue, guaranteeing that all candidates can take the exam under fair and equitable conditions.